Friday, March 5, 2010

Resolution FAIL

So I give up.

I'm struggling to try to get it all done, and as a result NOTHING gets done. My house is a disaster, my hubby takes on more than his share of dish washing duties (though he IS home one day a week, so that extra day = extra work... maybe?) and I haven't even begun to exercise. Oh, and I've been late to work every day for 2 weeks.

I want to have it all together. I want to have a clean house, and a rockin bod, and a happy/healthy child, and a strong marriage, and a LIFE, and a good performance review at work, and stuff... All things that in my mind would happen if I was a SAHM. My friend who is a SAHM has a fully decorated house, makes homeade granola bars for the kids, goes out with friends, and exercises about 80 hours a day. I just don't know when to get stuff done. Maybe it will be easier when DS sleeps through the night? Maybe I'll be able to wake up at 5:30a to exercise if he sleeps from 8a-7a? Last night I got 5+ whole hours of sleep (123o-615) and got to work on time and feel great! If I could count on this I could work with it. Meanwhile:

i'm gaining weight
my house is a DISASTER! I mean, call DFS because the carpet my child plays on hasn't been vaccumed in a month and I have 2 cats!! Its gross.
We haven't saved ANY money this year because we keep overspending. For example, we have $100 to last until NEXT Friday, and we have to buy groceries on Sunday (at least $120) plus gas. The cats need to go to the vet and I need an oil change.
I've gotten NOTHING done on projects that I want to do
And this weekend I totally plan on trying to go to the home and garden show for an hour between naps. Oh, and make stewed prunes, and sweet potatos, and pears and some other baby food.

But all I want to do is play with the baby.

Does this get any easier?

And, BTW I am off of my BCPs so we're playing with fire!! Still nursing though, so that should help.

Speaking of... its pumping time!

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