Monday, July 28, 2008

And so it begins...

Once upon a time, I was terrified at the idea of becoming pregnant. I was in college, in a long term relationship, and just about every month before AF was due, my boyfriend and I would sit and talk about what we would do (heaven forbid) if I was pregnant. Fast forward a couple years and a new boyfriend and I had an 'opps' moment with a breaking condom, forcing me to frantically try to secure Emergency Contraception. (Not an easy task.) Fast forward again, and I am right this very moment sitting on hold (for over 12 minutes!!) to try to make an appointment with a highly reccomended GYN/RE to discuss why I am not pregnant after 10 months.

Some of you are now scoffing. "10 months?! That's nothing!" Yeah, I know. That's why I wanted to name the blog "The Turtle Club" in honor of those of us who seem to just be taking their sweet time to conceive. But then trouble started. My nice regular 30/32 day cycles became 40/45 day cycles. My 4-5 day periods are now maybe 2 days at the most. According to my temps I ovulate, and some months we have done everything perfectly and yet things don't seem to happen.

Meanwhile, just about everyone I know who is married is pregnant. No, that is NOT an exaggeration. My hubby is one of those people who's friends have all settled into the same area that they grew up in (but not him. We moved away.) And of those of his friends who are married, all but 1 is pregnant and that 1 hasn't stated trying yet. That makes 4 couples. Plus 3 couples that we know locally, and 1 that is in a different state. So that means right now I know 8 pregnant woman, and that doesn't include the ones that have just started trying, or the ones I went to college with that have posted their babies/pregnancies on MySpace. Many of these people were pregnant within 2-3 months of trying. Apparently I'm good luck for pregnancies...other than my own.

So I sit on hold (20 minutes now) racked with PMS, feeling the first twinge of AF and wondering if IF is genetic. My mom TTC'd for 2-3 years before having my brother. She had all the doctor's appointments and they said she was fine, and yet still had a hard time partially to her low weight and partially to her 40 day cycles. Meanwhile, her mother had 6 kids, so go figure.

So welcome to my journey. Pray that I'm just being silly and just didn't give it enough time. Meanwhile join me as I try to navigate doctors (25 minutes on hold!), frustrations, and trying to hold my sh*t together while attending events where all of my friends are preggo. Basically, just trying to get myself back on my feet.

After being on hold for 27 minutes, I hung up and called back. The call catcher informed me that THE OFFICE WAS CLOSED!!! They left me on hold and went to lunch!!!!! WTF?!

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