Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Happy Life

So I realized last night that when I'm not thinking (or being forced to think) about baby stuff then I'm a pretty happy person. And then I'm surrounded by pregnant women talking about it and I get sad. Luckily, most of the pregnant people I know live out of state so I have no worries.

One of my coworkers is leaving for a new job today and I'm kinda bummed. She was a great woman to work with, and in my office of cackling witches, it was nice to have someone sane to talk to. I really respect and admire her. That got me thinking about another former coworker at a different job who I have plans to have lunch with next week. There are a lot of similarities between them. They are both friendly, perpetually positive, outgoing, hard working both at work and at home, and always seem to be moving forward. Interestingly enough, these are the same traits my mother has. These are NOT traits I have. I'm lazy and a horrific procrastinator. I feel very passive to their active, and yet I'm a control freak. Its a weird combo. But I strive to be more like these women because I hope when I'm a mom I can be more like them. (Neither of them have children though. One is about to start trying, and the other doesn't really want to be pregnant and is toying with the idea of adoption. $10 says the one that is about to start trying will be pregnant before me. She was also the "God's will" one and if she gets pregnant easily she will be insufferable.)

Speaking of God's will, does anyone have an interest in knowing about the URL I chose? Well, I was at a wedding last weekend and the evangelical preacher kept talking about the 'Heavenly Glue' holding the couple together. I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could the bridesmaids or the rest of the audience. It just sounds so messy! But then I thought, how fun for a blog URL? I mean, you read a lot about 'sticky beans' on TTC sites, so what makes them stick? How about some heavenly glue? Or a sanctified staple? How about some holy tape? Bet you didn't know that God ran an office supply company....

Anyhoo I have 2 days until I'm smacked in the face by a pregnant woman, 9 days until my doctors appointment, 13 days until my D.H.'s appointment. Apparently August is a busy month.

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