Friday, February 20, 2009

So busy...

My life has gotten SO BUSY!

I'm working 3 jobs that are kicking my ass just trying to keep the families financial head above water. And then... life happens. Like my company forgot to take FICA out of my paycheck in 2005. Oops! Gotta pay that back now! All $2K+ of it! And the taxes. Gotta pay those taxes. All $1000 of them. And my hubby. Gotta keep him in the manor he's grown accustomed. He runs races that can cost as much as $75 to sign up for, and drinks wine/beer at $15 a week, and goes to concerts that cost $110 a ticket. All on his credit card, which oops! he forgets to pay. I've been working so much that I haven't been able to food shop or clean the house or anything. Heck, the poor kitties ran out of food this morning! So, the lucky babies got tuna fish instead. I'm sure they are not complaining. Spolied kitties!

How am I ever going to be able to be a mother? I can't even remember to eat on a regular basis! There is no food in my house, and dirt EVERYWHERE! The house needs work to bring it up to what I want it to be, and forget the idea of decorating a nursery. I'll be happy to have furniture in a room. I have a friend with more money than, well, most people my age and she was going on and on about how it is so worth it to hire a housekeeper, because sure she could do the work but why when she would rather spend the time doing other things. I wanted to kill her.

On the baby front, still feels like a big hoax; like I'll find out that really someone has just been shrinking my pants, and paying actors to pretend I'm pregnant, and showing me videos of someone elses sonogram, and oh yeah! That doppler actually MAKES the heartbeat sound. 1w4d to next sonogram. I'd really like to feel the baby move, to know that there is ACTUALLY someone inside me. Right now, I'm waiting for someone to show up and tell me I've been punk*d.

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strongwoman said...

Just thought I'd say hi and congratulations. I found your blog by searching The Stirrup Queen's blogroll for "adenomyosis". I have this condition too and was looking for some inspiration. Your success gives me hope. I wish you the best for the remainder of your pregnancy.