Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm finally back!

I've missed blogging, but somehow my account got all screwed up and I couldn't log in! Finally, it seems to have corrected itself. Whew!

So as an update...

I KNOW I ovulated on November 14th, which was CD18. Based on that count, I am exactly 18 weeks & 6 days. When I had my 2 week sonogram, I measured EXACTLY where I thought I should be. Now I'm somehow consistently measuring a week ahead, which is basically the accurate time for when my LMP was. Crazy! So I may be at week 20. Woah.

All is healthy and happy. Can't quite tell if I'm feeling the baby or not. I've always had gastric issues (IBS etc) so I've constantly felt rumbings and flutters and guglings even when I'm not pregnant, so how should I know? I've felt a couple new things, which I'm guessing are the baby. Okay, I'm CHOOSING to believe are the baby. Hubby is jealous, since I can't feel anything externally yet.

Body is TOTALLY changing. That freaks me out the most. When I was a grad student, I would always think about how excited and open I would be to my changing body; what a beautiful thing it was. Well, that is total crap. My bbs are ca-HUGE to the point where I am wearing my SIL's nursing bras AND THEY ARE TOO SMALL! Imagine what it will be like when I start nursing?! And the belly has finally 'popped'. People are now coming up to me asking me if I'm pg. I'm out of the Bella Band (totally awesome product) and now into maternity cothes (yeah goodwill!). My back is sore, my skin is itchy, I have crazy psycho dreams, am desperate for hubby's attention, feel fat, ligaments are waddely (if that is event a word) and I'm freaked out that someday this baby is going to come out! So not ready!

But so excited.

I have a couple friends that are due within a month of me and that's really cool! How your perception changes when you're on this side of the belly! Tonight we're going out with friends who have been having some TTC issues. I had my hubby call and warn them that I was pregnant and showing so I wouldn't be a bad surprise. I remember all too well how hard it was. I did refer her to my RE and I hope she went.

In trying to be more 'mommy' like I totally cleaned the house on Monday (and called in sick to do it.) The house has been spotless for almost a week!! Fingers crossed that we can keep it up! (NOTE: When I say spotless, I basically mean I can have guests over and not have to shove things in closests. I have 2 cats so there is still hair and dirt and stuff, but nothing that I can't live with. :) I'm really not a very neat person.)

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