Thursday, April 2, 2009

All the newness...of being normal

Just had another doctor's appointment. Baby has a nice strong heartbeat (147) and kept kicking the doppler! Apparently this baby is VERY active. Uterus is right where it should be (2 fingers above navel). Weight gain is right where it should be (17 pounds total so far. 10 pounds this month alone!) And no nasty things. So... apparently went from crazyreproductivesystemthatdoesn'twork to totallynormalmama. Whoda thunk?

Baby is moving like crazy. The other night I was lying in bed and felt a kick. Then another. Then another. So I quickly called DH and said I think the baby has hiccups! So he comes up stairs and puts his hand on my tummy. Of course, as is the habit, the baby stops. Just when we think all hope is lost... baby moved! DH FINALLY got to feel the baby move!! It was so cool.

Currently we're week 21/22. Other than the cramps in my legs & feet, and my total inability to stay asleep, all is normal!

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