Monday, August 4, 2008

I am stronger then I think I am

My husband accuses me of always assuming the worst is going to happen, and not giving other's the benefit of the doubt. Like this past weekend. We went to a birthday party in hubby's home city for one of his (newly single) friends. Of course, when 4 of hubby's friend's wives are pregnant, there is bound to be a pregnant lady at the gathering. And there was. Luckily, we watched her arrive while we were getting some pizza so I had a chance to try to get used to the idea of her with a belly before I actually walked into the party. Hubby says I needed to relax because preggo wouldn't be the type of person to talk about her pregnancy the whole time, but that isn't the problem. Its that EVERYONE around her wants to talk about the pregnancy all the time. And of course, we walk into the party and see the birthday boy's younger sister there with her new baby, so of course there was a lot of baby talk. My mature response to the situation?

I avoided them.

Very hard since it is a small apartment, and even harder because I'm fairly certain they knew I was avoiding them. I also had to hold my sh*t together to not scream at people when they ask the questions "So, when are you two going to have kids?" and "Are you drinking tonight?" Which is the subtle way of asking, "You knocked up?" I need to develope a witty repitoire of responses. If anyone does read this and does have a great one, please let me know.

Then the next day (with my hangover since the best place to avoid pregnant people is at the bar though this preggo did have a glass of wine) I attended a 9 year old's bday party. That is what we call insult to injury. Especially because my nephew's were there and I just LOVE them. Yes, I do have a favorite and its seeing him that really makes me want to have kids. And watching hubby play with the kids always hurts a little since I want him to play with HIS kids.

Well, I have 4 days to pretend I'm normal before seeing the RE....

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