Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am SOOOO ready...

To lose weight!

I'm a person that likes seeing progress... and I'm also a horrific procrastinator. These things often work against each other. I am slowly slipping into a 'nesting' phase (I think) because I've gotten quite good at getting things done at home. The problem is I've also gotten busy with the summer plans which limits my time to get stuff done. So here is my schedule:

Tonight - Buy food, cook dinner. Clean radiator and tape tarp.
Friday - Buy food, cook dinner. Spray paint radiator. Choose paint color. Make shopping list for home improvement store.
Saturday - Prep bathroom for painting. Buy paint. By 2pm go to Grandfather's day celebration. (which I think may be a baby shower...) Take Dad out to movies.
Sunday - Family power day!!

On Sunday, my parents are coming over to help get stuff done around the house. What I hope to accomplish:

Paint Bathroom (mom)
Sew bathroom curtains (me)
Finish dining room curtains (me)
Finish nursery curtains (me)
Paint and install quarter round molding (Dad & DH)
Pain and install crown molding around closets in nursery (Dad & DH). We have these Ikea closets that I'd like to make look like built-ins which I think can be accomplished with crown molding. We will have to see.
Purchase needed stuff at the local home improvement store (storage bins, light blocking shades, etc.)
Rearrange furniture.
Fix drawers in dresser (this may be a fantasy)
Hang pictures (in nursery and other rooms.)
Hang shades/curtains.
Hang clothesline.

I think that may be enough for one day. Then I'll make a nice dinner (or get some nice takeout) for all involved.

During the week, I want to make the faux stained glass panels for the living room, and try to get my grandfather to frame them for me. Once they are done, my mom can come over and help design carpets for the downstairs. Hopefully, we can get them installed before the baby comes.

The next weekend, we will be in PA all weekend and attending an infant care class. After that it is the 4th of July where we may or may not have overnight guests. If we do, then they will be able to help us finish up the nursery. Then I get to purchase and pack my hospital supplies, just in case.

After that, I think it may just be laundry and keeping the hosue clean. I want to go to 'Let's Dish' and make some meals to freeze for when the baby comes. Meanwhile, at work, I'll be finishing up the fall events.

I'm starting to feel a little bit stressed.

What if the baby comes early? I'll be so unprepared!

But meanwhile, I'm looking forward to being able to start working on my body; to get back into pants with zippers. I hope my feet go back so I don't have to buy new shoes. I'd rather put the money towards the baby.

Also, if this weekend ISN'T my shower, then 4th of July I'll be hitting the stores. Screw this whole "wait and see" stuff. If it is my shower then I'm going to feel kinda bad because I suspect. Really, for no other reason then I would have no idea when else they would do it!

Life is getting awfully complicated...

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