Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Baby-Free Vacation

This past weekend was my 10-year college reunion... and it was more wonderful than I ever thought possible!

Friday: Drove up to UofS, checked into hotel, and went to one of our old haunts for some amazing pizza. Then we walked around a little, visiting the porch of my DH's house where we met. Afterwards, we went to the 'piano bar' event in the new student center. On walking into the building I totally recognized someone!! And she recognized me too! Crazy. We kept snowballing into more people until we had this awesome group of 1999-ers together. And so many baby bellies! If I was still dealing with IF at the reunion it would have kinda sucked. I do wish I could have taken the belly off for the weekend because there were open bars EVERYWHERE! Oh well. I think I would have had less fun ultimately if I had been able to drink since I would have been miserably hung over all weekend. Anyhoo, that night, after the piano bar in the new student center we went to a bar where a band that was made up of people from our class was having a reunion show. Of course the bar we went to used to be a little hole in the wall with the best cheese fries, and now it was an actual BAR! There we ran into even more people and I saw some guys I used to know. I didn't really feel like talking to them since I was no longer all young and hot. And we weren't very good friends anyway. I did see a flash of recognizition in some of their eyes, and that was good. But we didn't stay long because I was so tired and got back to the hotel by midnight where I promptly passed out.

Saturday: Grabbed a bite to eat and then hit the campus tour. So much has changed!! After the 'offical'tour, DH and I took our own, seeing the sites that we wanted to see and took pictures. Oh, and went to the bookstore and bought shirts for the two of us and a onesie for the baby. Then we went to the resturaunt where we had our first 'date' 10 years ago. It was fantastic. Just tooling around downtown, eatting ice cream and marveling about the changes in the city. That night we went to our class dinner and had a great time. I got lots of pictures of people, and really had a good time. Once we got past the 'so, what have you been up to' convo's we were able to talk just like old friends. That night there was a dance on the patio, which was a blast, though challenging to dance with the big ole belly. Then we went to the bar that we used to frequent 'back in the day'. My goodness it was hot and crowded!! I couldn't stand it!! And the smoking! Ugh! People kept bumping into me and the belly and I just couldn't take it. DH noticed it and so we quickly left. I'm glad I went though.

Sunday: We went to mass at the campus chapel and I forgot how AWEOMSE it was! I mean, the whole thing took 40 mins. That is half of what a service is at our current church. Afterwards, we went to brunch with our friends and had some last memories, and exchanged info. So nice. Really, I'm so glad I went.

Monday: After walking up hills all weekend, I knew I had no excuse to not do things around the house. LOL, DH had to actually keep one hand behind my back to help push me up the hills, but still, I did it. So I cleaned the whole house. It. looks. AWESOME! This weekend my parents are coming over to help with some last minute projects, and I have a lot of prep to do to get ready for that, but at least the house is clean. At the end of this weekend we should be in a really good place, and will just have to finish getting the nursery together, which should happen over the fourth of July. By July 8th, I want to be ready for the baby to come. I'll be 36 weeks, and ready to relax. Well, except for work. I won't be done with that until July 24th. So if I go early then they are screwed! By July 27th (after the weekend) I'll be in a good place to just start 'helping' at work and not taking point on anything. The fall semester is going to kinda be a wash since it will be all about survival. In January, I'll hit the ground running with organizing the spring events and trying to be more purposeful with other parts of my job. OR job searching. Either or...

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