Monday, June 22, 2009

I was right...

It WAS a shower! And a very nice shower at that!

I was getting stuff done in the AM and then DH and I were going to leave early for the party in order to stop at the Depot and get the paint. So we're puttering around the store and I realize, "Gosh! The party starts in 10 minutes!!" So we rush on our way and I'm thinking the whole time, "is it, or isn't it?" Then I get lost and call my Dad (who is supposed to be there) and hear voices in the background so I assume he is at the party. I also thought I heard my Grandfather's voice, so I'm like, 'okay, not a shower.' Then we get there, and I see my cousin's husband getting drinks from a car so I'm like, 'okay, so totally not a shower since if it was, why on earth would he be here?' Then I walk in and "SURPRISE!" it WAS a shower!! And I had so many friends there!! I got some nice gifts (though many people decided not to even bother with the registry) and we played games and ate food and had a really nice time. :-) I was very very happy. I cried. What a nice memory!

That night we took my Dad to the movies for Father's Day, and the next day my parents came over and we got SOOOO much done and have SOOOO much left to do! And now I have to add Thank you's to the list! And go shopping! But the house is starting to look... well, its trashed, but it has potential. The bathroom looks AWESOME, some minor problems are fixed and I will soon have a clothes line.

Baby is moving lots and I have an OB appointment today. I was panicking all weekend about the baby. I read stories online of people who lost the baby during full term delivery and that scared me. Then I realized, there are a LOT of people in this world, which is because MOST people are just fine. I think my odds of a loss are less than 5%. Thems good odds! I want to get the projects done these next few weeks, so I can put the nursery together over 4th of July. Then I can start on laundry and packing for the hospital and shopping. We can do it!!

Still, it was a very nice baby shower! Full of flowers and cake and super nice people!!

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