Monday, September 8, 2008

Optimism is a b*tch.

Well, back from Dr's appointment. Dear hubby came with me which was nice, and I'm glad he could have his questions answered by someone other than me. (Apparently he's not a big Google-er.) So it turns out that yes, I still have PCOD and am referred to as a thin PCOD in that I don't have a weight issue, so losing weight won't help me. On the plus side, I am a good ovulator...when I actually ovulate. So good eggs, good sperm, and even good timing, but no baby. Apparently PCOS lowers your chances from the max of 20% each month to about 3%. Joy. So now we look at endometriosis. Of course, there is no way to test for this other than laproscopic surgery. Fun times! I'm to be scheduled after event season, which means the end of October. If all goes well, then we will be left to our own devices for 3-6 months. If in that time we don't conceive, OR if it turns out that I never had endo to begin with, then its on to Clomid plus diabetic meds. After that...IVF.

I'm thinking I may be a big 'old hypochondriac, and we're just missing the timing. That sounds way more fun then thinking there is something wrong with me. I don't mind a surgery that will make me better, but I do have a problem with a surgery that doesn't do anything and of course we can't know that until we do the surgery. ugh.

So next step is to keep doing what we're doing, cutting out sugar, going to the gym, and calling the insurance company to make sure they will cover the surgery.

But the doc DID say that I WILL get pregnant. Apparently we ARE fertile people, just on a different timetable then everyone else. Whoda thunk?!

Still, in the back of my head the reality of being pregnant seems so unlikely and so far away...

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