Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lets get physical

So last night hubby and I spent some frustrating time trying to watch a TV show on our computer. (Old crappy computer.) While he was messing with it, I was chilling and feeling the baby kick. Then I looked down and saw something. I dismissed it at the time, but kept my eye open. Then I saw it again! A particularly hard kick actually pushed out my belly!! I SAW the baby kick!! I laughed, and told hubby who excitedly turned to look and he saw it to!! "Was that you?" he asked. "Nope, that was the baby!" I replied.

It was a very cool moment.

Technically we are 22 weeks, but the baby has been measuring a week ahead. According to BabyCenter, in the 23 week you would start seeing the baby move, so I guess we are still a week ahead. So I guess I've started my 6th month. Woah. Time is flying!

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