Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another shower!!

So last weekend we were planning on going to PA for DH's best friend's bday. We go up after our infant care class on Saturday, and hang out with SIL and family that night. The next day we go to church with DH's BF and then all go swimming. After that we were going to swing by MIL's for some lunch and to get the gift she had for us. It all seemed so unplanned, so spur of the moment, so casual... all very DH and all very normal.

Well we get to MIL's house and there was a balloon on the mail box. Okay, I thought, and gee, there are a lot of cars here, that's odd. And why are there all those people holding balloons in the backyard? Wait a minute... Its a shower!!

Everyone was like, "are you surprised?" and I was like, "surprised?! I had NO IDEA! It never occured to me to even be suspicious!" They were like, didn't you think it odd that no PA people came to your shower? And I was like, I figured you were busy and its a long drive. It was fun. My friends from NJ were there which was AWESOME! I got nice gifts, and tons of food, and got to see people from MIL's family that I dont' see very often. And our PA friends brought their babies, which made opening gifts even more interesting since I got to see baby's reactions. All very cool.

Still feeling okay... baby is kicking like CRAZY! and I have this shooting pain in my back, as in it is hard to breathe. I am so bored at work, and have so much to do but am so totally procrastinating. I have a plan to have it all done in the next week or two, so we should be fine. I met up with a friend who is due a few days (6) before me. It is so funny looking at the picture! She is carrying kinda flat and I'm all sticky-outtie. My mom saw it and said it looks like she's having a girl and I'm having a boy. I'm actually starting to lean toward team blue now. up until recently, I was convinced it was a girl... then I was iffy... and now I'm pretty sure its a boy. But we'll find out in 5 weeks and 2 days. At first I was afraid I would be dissappointed if it was a boy, but after playing with the babies in PA (all boys) , I think I will be fine. DH says our next one will be a girl. I said if not then I'm going for 3!! I really want (at least) one of each. But baby seems healthy, and other than being swollen and tired the pregnancy isn't so bad. I wish I had more energy to get all I have to get done, done. But I do feel motivated for the at home stuff. Today I'm going to go straight home from work and clean up the house a little. SIL & BIL are coming down on Friday to help with the nursery, and I already warned them the house will not be clean, but I don't want it to be downright slovenly! There are some easy things to do. The problem is I could really use DH's help is carrying things downstairs but he is working tonight and as softball tommorrow. So lots of small trips...

I really REALLY can't wait to meet this baby!! We met with a pediatrician today who seems great, so once the nursery is together I'll be good to go!

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Jen said...

I was just reading through your archives and wanted to comment to say congratuations. I am also dealing with infertility (unexplained at this point), so it's definitely encouraging to know that it does work out! What made your RE suggest the surgery? Mine hasn't suggested that yet, but I have only seen her twice!

Glad your pregnancy is going well!