Thursday, July 30, 2009

38w5d...9 days to go!

Today I had a Drs appnt with a new doctor because my regular doctor was on vacation. Wasn't bad. Baby is still head down, I'm measuring fine, I gained 0 pounds so I'm holding steady at 199. I'm still only 1 cm but I'm more like 80% effaced! I'm also so tired I could cry. The baby is kicking pretty regularly and the doctor estimates the baby is over 7lbs!! There is a full grown baby rumbling around in there!! How crazy is that?!

Today our DVR reciever broke. :( I'm mourning the loss of the shows I had taped that I haven't gotten to watch. And the 2 days we will be without TV. Double :(

Last night my mom came over for her birthday. It was a lot of fun! I always have a good time hanging out with my mom and I'm excited for her to become a grandmom.

Did I mention how tired I am? sigh. Its only going to get worse when the baby comes so I guess I got to suck it up.

I watched "16 and pregnant" on Mt.v during lunch. Its so funny to get the teenage perspective on where I'm at. I couldn't have handled this at 16. I also wasn't having s.x at 16 because I knew I couldn't handle this. My cuz who is going to be a single mom in January is older than them, but still... when you are not actively trying to NOT get pregnant, and then you do, you can't say its an 'accident.' An 'accident' is where you are wearing 2, are on the pill, and withdrawling. Otherwise its just nature. "oh, I didn't use any protection and now I'm pregnant. How did that happen?" Seriously? I could slap each and every one of them. Except for the one that gave her baby up for adoption. She deserves extra hugs. That has got to be SUCH a hard thing to do, and I totally admire her for doing it . There are so many people that would LOVE to adopt a baby, and can offer more than a 16 year old mom can. Her and her bf deserve major major props. I was sobbing watching her story, it was so beautiful. G-d bless her.

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