Monday, January 5, 2009

The Post Holiday Update

Sorry for the delay. When I'm not at work I avoid a computer at all costs. Now that I'm back, I'll give you the big points:

  • First, let me just say that I love working for higher ed since I love having 2 weeks off for break. But coming back from break is MISERABLE! I have so very much work to do, and no motivation.
  • Christmas was a fun filled whirlwind of a week. I didn't kill my bro's gf, my grandmother's mind is starting to go (I think), and all in all I really love my family. Hubby's family isn't too shabby either. We finally told all of our family and the MIL, as expected, told a whole sh*tload of people even though we told her not to. Personally, I think that is incredibly rude. I mean, its not her news to tell!! I also heard some horror stories of how she acted in the hospital with SIL. I'm not sure I want her to be in the hospital at all. Could we just call her AFTER we get home? Lord knows the only overnight guest I want in our house is MY mother the week after birth. Out of town guests need to ante up for the hotel. Anyhoo, got some fun gifts, had lots of fun family time, and got to tell my grandpa that he will be a great-grandfather. That was super cool! And I was surprised by how excited my brother was!
  • Week after Christmas I had such big plans. But... I got off my feeding schedule. I know I need to eat as soon asmy eyes open, but instead I chose to roll over and read a book. This meant by the time I got around to eatting I was naueous. Once the nausea sets in, it doesn't really leave. So I spent the whole week sitting on the couch, and napping. I did get out to visit people a couple times, but all the crafts, organizing, projects etc that I had planned to do with my full week of free time kinda got left behind. As did our budget. I'm scared to check the bank statement to see how we totally blew it!
  • Had our last (hopefully EVER) RE appointment (though I will see her for routine GYN care). Its amazing. The baby went from a spec in the upper corner of a black ball to, well, an actually little person! In just a few weeks we went from 2.5 mm to 2.5 cm! I'm measuring EXACTLY what I think I should be (9 weeks and 2 days today) and the baby had all of its arms and legs and a heartbeat. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat because she didn't have a doppler (she doesn't see pregnant patients) but we saw it. And I saw the baby wiggle its little butt. (Hubby missed this, and swears he will NEVER take his eyes off the monitor again.) My first OB appointment is this Wednesday. I took off because my mom is having a red hat's party in the morning that I'm going to go to and help at, and then meet hubby for the doctor.
  • All in all, I feel great! Tired as all get out, but that is to be expected. I really need to get some work stuff done today, and I REALLY need to clean up some of the stuff at home. My goal (or resolution)? 1 hour a day of project stuff. So I work until 6p, then gym (not today) until 7p, home by 7:30p, dinner over by 8:30p, project until 9:30p, shower etc until 10p, and TV until 11p. Totally doable, right? The only downside is that I'm so freaking lazy! I'm trying to break out of that so I can be the type of woman I would want my daughter to be. Or just a good role model in general. At the very least, I'd like to get some stuff done around the house.

So all in all, life is good. WAY better than I deserve (not that I'm a bad person or anything, but I just feel so freakin' blessed and keep thanking G-d ever chance I get because I firmly believe in G-d's plan and am very thrilled that it is a positive one when that hasn't always been the case.) I just caught up on all my blogs and realized that our situation could have been so much worse. We really dodged a bullet.

So happy new years to everyone!

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