Monday, August 25, 2008

The fun things fertiles don't get to do

Well, on Friday hubby went in for his SA... and I went with him. I have to admit, I was SO curious and he was SO nervous, I thought he could use a hand. (Please pardon the horrible pun.) The clinic turned out to be one very well advertised on the radio so it kinda felt like visiting a celebrity. Everyone was very nice and very accommodating and didn't at all make me feel like a shady lady, sneaking into the back room with the hubby. And what a room! Made for men, of course, with leather furniture and wood paneling, with dark green paint and framed hunting pictures of ducks on the wall. The err... visual materials were stashed away in a basket and there was a TV in the room, with more visual materials tucked away in a cabinet beneath. With all of this, and 5 days of abstinence behind us, it still felt a little forced and awkward. But in the end we got a nice sterile, unspilled sample. How romantic. The nice thing is the receptionist instructions you to leave your sample in the room, leave the door open, and then you are free to go. Its nice to not have to run into anyone who totally knew what you were doing in there. What an adventure to share with the kiddies some day.

And now we wait. I need to call the Doctor to make an appointment to review the test scores and probably get Clomid. I was so hoping that this month, with my magical 14 day ovulation, that we would be pregnant and I could laugh at the irony. Well, I POAS this morning and got my expected, and dreaded, BFN. It is CD 28, 14 dpo, my boobs are sore, and I still have high temps. It makes sense I was hopeful. But yesterday I was cranky and today my stomach had some minor... errr... distress, which are all signs of PMS. I'm guessing I'll have a drop in BBT tomorrow and AF will arrive tomorrow night. So I'm just going to wait until all hope is lost, THEN I'll call the Doctor.

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