Thursday, August 14, 2008

When normal is abnormal

We are currently at CD 17... and I just got my crosshairs on FF! Seriously, WTF? I mean, ovulating on day 14?! Do people actually DO that?! Of course it happens the month with all the doctoring, just so my ovaries can make a liar out of me. According to FF we are "Good" this month, meaning we got biz-ay at the appropriate times. So we shall see. Happy two week wait everyone!

Meanwhile, I get to figure out why we have $0 in the bank, and why the insurance company is being a pain in the butt about getting a semen analysis. The Urologist told hubby to go to local hospital for the test. Insurance company said, no, go to local lab. Local lab says they don't do SA's. Now what? So back to Insurance Co. who says we have to get a pre-authorization to go somewhere else, and the Urologist's office has no idea how to do that. And back to the beginning. So while hubby's manly bits look alright, we still don't know if our infertility is 'my' issue or 'our' issue. Of course, its always OUR issue, but it would be nice to know where we stand and what our options would be if we're not preggers this month.

The funny thing? I would tell hubby that it was okay if we weren't pregnant until August since getting preggo in August would give us a much more favorable due date in terms of my work schedule. Could it be? I'm kinda convinced its not but lord knows I'll be praying and analyzing signs!!!

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