Monday, December 1, 2008

Totally freaking out...

So I called the Doctor's (RE) office today and the earliest appointment I can get is next Monday. AURGH! That seems so long to wait! But then they called back and told me I need to have 3 blood draws in 5 days, having the blood taken every other day. I gave them the lab fax number and planned on going first thing tomorrow morning, but then the RE's office fax kept calling my cell phone. So did she send the forms to the lab, or did things get a little confused. Did receptionist lady catch her mistake? I have no idea. At least the lab is right across from work so its not THAT big a deal, but please! I love the doctor, but her office staff leaves much to be desired.

I'm glad to have the blood work done. I read on so many blogs about HcG levels, Progesterone levels, and Doubling Betas and so those numbers would really reassure me. I took another HPT today (positive) and left it as a "present" for my hubby. Sure, leaving a stick covered in pee as a gift is almost as good as a cat bringing you half a mouse, but it made him smile all day. He's worried, like I am, that it's not real. I mean, we've been at this for well over a year, have gone through tests and surgery, and it is so hard to switch gears. I'm waiting for the problem. I'm waiting to wake up. But the positive thinking thing worked so well last month, that I think I'll stick with that. It will be SO much easier after meeting with the doctor and hearing nice high levels. Even better will be going to the OB and hearing a heartbeat.

So meanwhile, I freak out. I Google everything that could go wrong. But I also Google what could go right. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar Gender Predictor I will have a girl. This will make hubby very sad because he's already referring to the baby by its boy name.

So 7 days until the doctor. Can't wait for some good news!

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