Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well that sucked...

This morning I was having a crazy dream about how I was getting ready for a date (?) with this guy and him and his mom (??) were coming over. I ran to use the outside (???) bathroom in my old house which was the filthiest bathroom ever, when he showed up with his mom (both were Korean. Figure that out.) and my mom was giving them the tour. She was outside the bathroom door which had no lock and I was yelling to her to not come in but she was talking and didn't hear me so I was about to be caught pants down by my date and his mother and then...

Woke up and totally had to pee. This posed a dilemna since I feel fine when I wake up, but the getting out of bed part makes me nauseated. But I had a dream where I had to pee which means I really had to pee. So I got up at 5am (!!!) and by the time I got back to bed I felt so sick that I couldn't fall back to sleep. Of course, hubby got up the same time I did and was worried about me (awww...) and I had to deal with him tossing and turning which made me feel a little sea sick. Why oh why didn't we spend the extra money to get the no motion transfer mattress?!

So by the time I was actually out of bed I felt just awful. And so far all day I have been miserably tired and nauseated. I finally felt 'hungry' and so I heated up a kashi meal and some frozen veggies, only to accidentally dump it on the carpeted floor of my office. Ew. The part I managed to salvage reinforced to me that meat, particullarly chicken, is a bad thing, and so are cooked veggies. I ate as much as I can (gagging) and then had a nice big piece of chocolate cake. Well the cake was AWESOME and totally gave me a little energy boost so I was able to actually get stuff done!! Now I'm back to being tired and nauseated.

I did call another friend today and told her I had recieved a christmas present that I can't open until August. She got it right away and was so happy for me. Its nice to be able to talk to someone who has recently been pregnant (2 kids ages 5 and 3) since it helped me feel a little less lonely.

Only 2 days until my 2 week holiday break!! Whoohoo!! Hopefully tommorrow I feel well enough for the 2 parties I have and the work I need to accomplish before break. And hopefully my office will stop smelling like chicken (gag.)

Oh, and in the midst of today's fun, hubby's car had to go to the shop for a $400 repair. What a joyful season!

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