Friday, November 14, 2008

And optimism is over.

Maybe its the rain. Maybe its the fact that my kitchen is a mess. Maybe its because I'm procrastinating at work which allows my mind free time to wander which instantly means I'm thinking about babies. Either way, its a struggle to hold on to optimism.

But I'm trying! For example, I have a reaccuring shoulder pain that is excruciating, and normally I treat it with advil and heating pads, but I read once that Ibprofin can interfere with implantation and I'm taking NO chances. So I sit and suffer. And the first announced pregnancy is due next week and I am so jealous I could scream!

Meanwhile, the whole eatting lower GI foods is a wash. Its weird, it reminds me of quitting smoking. Back in the day (goodness! over 10 years ago!) when I smoked I would periodically try to quit resulting in me practically gnawing my arm off to get to a cig. Now I would practically gnaw my arm off to get to a cookie... or chocolate... or french fries... or pie. Mmmmmm...pie.....

Happy thought: on FertFriend there was talk about how the HSG flushes out the tubes and increases fertility for 3 cycles. Fingers crossed!

Bad thought: The higher the optimism the further the crash. It is currently CD 18 and I still haven't O'd so I got a long way to go with this cycle.

Well, I'll just keep trying to send positive thoughts out to the universe so that positivity bounces back.

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Mrs PAJ said...

ibprofen can interfere with implantation??? that would include aleve right? sigh...i'll just pretend i didn't read that since i took some aleve last week - thought it'd be safer than the vicodin :-)