Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I was browsing (obsessing) online and rediscovered an acronym that I forgot about: PUPO or Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. How appropriate! Hubby is concerned because I am so sure that this is our month that he dreads the crash. At this point, I don't think I can be saved. I don't want to start planning for the worst so I'm going to be PUPO instead. I've never felt this positive before, even when we were first trying. I was always cautiously optimistic, but now... I just want to be optimistic.

Okay, so I found a website called www.twoweekwait.com which is totally for obsessive freaks like me. People write up their stories and all their symptoms up until their BFP. This is AWESOME! Especially since I've been noticing things that I thought were strange, and atypical 2ww stuff, but its all here! Of course, rational me is saying, "Most people don't even know that they are pregnant during this time, and all symptoms could be a sign of something else." And emotional e is saying (screaming actually),"ME! ME! I HAVE THAT TOO!! OMG I'M SO PREGNANT!"

And now for the TMI (or Too Much Information.) If you don't want to read the personal, bodily fluids stuff, then you probally shouldn't read what's next:

1. Increased veins in my hands. Sure, blue veins on the breast are a classic sign, but I have very pale skin and very blue veins so I always see veins. But on the palm of my hand? That's weird.

2. Tingly nips. Could be PMS, could be the cold weather, but I chose to believe its a symptom.

3. Strange smelling pee. I know, WAY TMI right? But I just read it as someone's symptom! Perhaps a side effect of all the prenantal vitamins? But then why didn't I notice until AFTER I O'd?

4. Crampy, bloated, pressure. Again, I have IBS so abdominal twinges are normal, but this feels...different. Like a softball is sitting right next to my incision scar...you know...in the uterine area? Or maybe I just have to poo.

5. Runny nose. No, I don't have a cold. No, I don't feel sick. Yes, I did have a flu shot. Yes, it is a sign on some people's 2ww.

6. I just read a sign that actually happened to me last night. Even though I'm posting anonomously... I'm still uncomfy posting it. Basically, it was about a hubby commenting about how..uhhh...a certain 'place' felt different than other times. I know, TMI, but who'd have thought it was a sign?

7. Here is one all on my own, with no one else talking about it. Sensitive teeth. Very sensitive teeth. A symptom, or a bad dentist? I guess we'll know when I test in 5 days!

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