Monday, November 17, 2008

Ain't no party like a pity party...

So this morning I posted about how FF is making me paranoid, and then comes along a big 'ole truck of salt to dump in my wounds.

The first of the "everyone is pregnant but me" babies was born.

I kinda wish I hadn't found out until AFTER work because I was being so productive, and now I can't concentrate because I'm oscillating between the following emotions:

1- Happy for their new arrival.

2- Sympathy for the child with the unfortunate name. (Which is so unusual I can't post it here since that may blow my anonymity.)

3- Horrible shooting severe pangs of jealousy.

I'm kinda getting stuck on number 3. I haven't spent much time with the other two. I'm hoping to avoid #4

4- Crushing depression.

I want to get back to my happy place. I think I'll go back and read that optimistic blog entry I wrote, and remind myself that the doctor says I WILL get pregnant, its just a matter of time. I'm a turtle. (Get it? nudge nudge The name of the blog? I'm so clever. :-) )

Speaking of clever turtles...

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