Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So after a small freak out last night I woke up this morning to a BBT of 97.96 which is wicked high for me. I plugged it in to FF and I got my crosshairs!! The cool thing is that I entered so many signs that instead of getting the normal dashed lines I got 2 solid red lines. And it turns out that I O'd when I thought I did, which was last Friday. So our outlook is "good" with us..uhhh..you know... on 3 of the 5 fertile days. If it happened (and I pray to G-d it did) then baby bean would be due in August of 2009. Worst possible timing for work, but the baby would be born a Leo and I can be down with that. So I test on November 30th. I asked hubby if we can come home from our holiday traveling on Saturday night because I don't want to test at the in laws house. If its positive, I want it to be a moment for just hubby and I. If its negative, then spending 2 hours in a car driving home would suck, as would hanging with the nephews or new babies. Of course, if AF comes early, or I have definite AF signs, then it doesn't matter. But there is no reason to think that I wouldn't be pregnant. I mean, you believe all relationships end until you are in one that doesn't so I'm going to extrapolate the same belief to this.

So what to do. I read on another blog (Redbook's IF blog) about how do you treat the 2ww. Do you treat it like any other time or do you treat your body like you were pregnant. After the lap I decided to treat my body like it was pregnant...sorta. I'm taking prenatal vitamins, trying to make healthy food choices, and drinking less then I normally would. So I think I'll take that up a notch, but nothing too drastic. I mean, I'm not giving up blue cheese until I have to, and with sushi I eat eel anyway and that is cooked. Still, I don't do either of those things with much regularity so it doesn't matter. I am cleaning the litter box because until I'm actually pregnant I don't think I could get hubby to do it. But MIL has promised a self-cleaning litter box once we announce a pregnancy.

Speaking of hubby, last night he was so sweet. I expressed concern that he doesn't share his feelings about the whole IF thing with me. He told me how he feels upset when he hears the announcements too, but he believes his role is to be strong and optimistic for me. On one hand it feels like a stereotypical gender role, which is SO not who we are, but on the other hand... I like it. I like that I can cry to him and he'll hold me and tell me he loves me and everything will work out. I would be willing to do the same for him but its a good point. Someone has to be the 'together' one. (I was going to say "strong" but I don't think feeling/showing emotions is a sign of weakness. I think anyone that is going through this recognizes how strong you have to be to deal with it. And apparently only 1 out of 6 couples has that strength. I'd really rather not be the lucky 1, but I comfort myself with how this has brought us together even closer and how much more this baby will mean to us because of it.)

So anyone out there want to go through the 2ww with me? So far symptoms are very tender bbs, and this morning I had a nasty stomach thing with abdominal cramping (though that may be the iron in the prenatal vitamins.)


April said...

Hello, looks like my 2ww will be very similar to you, I could test on that day as well. I feel your pain. We've ecently married however been trying 1.5 years, and of course I am a labor and delivery nurse, a constant reminder. Good luck to you :)

April said...

Hello! I have a similar 2ww as you. Recently married, have tried for 1.5 years, have had numerous cysts and possible endo yet to be diagnosed. Of course I am a labor and delivery nurse, a love/hate job if you can imgagine.