Monday, November 3, 2008

So it wasn't that bad...

I think the bowel prep may have been the worst part! Here's the skinny:

Tuesday: Woke up crazy early to go for surgery. (POAS, still BFN). Got to the GYN Surg suite and checked in. Was taken back for pre-op. Of course, AF arrived to make my life needlessly uncomfortable. I got to talk with the doctor, the anasetisiologist, and the OR nurse, and then put on pretty gowns. The IV sucked, as did trying to remove my belly button ring, but no problems. Walked into OR, laid down on bed, and the lovely anasetisiologist gave me something to relax, and then the sleepy drugs. And then I was OUT! Crazy! I woke up 1.5 hours later in a different room in a different bed with O2 being pumped into my nose, a sore throat, and cramps. Pain was about a 7 so I got drugs. About 3 minutes later pain was a 3 so I got more dugs. Then I got ginger ale and was transfered to a more upright position. Once I peed I was able to leave. For the rest of the day I was sleepy, out of it, and in NO PAIN! None. Not even a little. I felt tight in the chest from the gas and a crazy sore throat from the tube.

Wednesday: Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch! I had cramps in my uterus, cramps in my back, and sore incisions and a sore throat. So I took my drugs every 3 hours and floated in a fog all day. Heating pad was AWESOME! Thanks for the suggestion everyone!

Thursday: Mildly sore. Had follow up with doctor that went well. Found out did have level 2 endometriosis (mild) on my bladder, which has been removed. That would have been enough to cause infertility. My tubes were open, my ovaries were nice and fat, and all was well. Did discover that I had something with a really long name that meant my tubes swelled where they met my uterus, but the tubes were open and the dye from the HSG spilled easily so this shouldn't impact infertility. I also had Adenomyosis, but the doctor wasn't concerned. In reading up on it, I don't have any of the typical symptoms, just like with PCOD, so I'm not too worried. I did see the pictures of it though so I know if was there, but it was very localized.

Friday - Sunday: Felt fine. Learned that I can't wear heels, and don't want to wear things tight on my waist. Otherwise, just got tired quickly.

Monday: Back a work. I'm EXHAUSTED and its not even lunch time. All part of the healing process.

So now the next step is to start over. All over. At least this time we know that we should be fine, that now there actually is a possiblity of pregnancy. I have a follow up appointment at the end of January, so until then I'm going to be optimistic and enjoy the holidays. Here's hoping for a baby by Thanksgiving!!

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