Monday, November 17, 2008

Seriously, someone's f*ing with me...

Okay, so last week I had a positive OPK. Yay! Except that I have had what I think is 3 higher temps, yet FF won't give me my cross hairs. So what do I do? I Google positive OPK and not ovulating and did you know that that was possible?! I thought if you didn't ovulate then you wouldn't get a positive OPK, but apparently that is just not true.


Her e I was all excited to be in the 2ww, and I very well may not be. So do I keep POAS or do I just keep my fingers crossed that I'm having a slow rise?

Well, I guess I can't do anything about it either way. I'll just keep hubby on call just in case I have not yet ovulated, take my vitamins and act like I might be pregnant in case I have ovulated, and generally sit around and wait until FF gives us the cross hairs or AF arrives. Or generally speaking, the official "fingers crossed, legs aren't" attitude.

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