Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Optimism makes infertiles happy

So its 14 days after surgery. Yay! I can now go back to heavy lifting!

I'm a wee bit scared to get too optimisitic about a BFP since, well, I've never gotten one before. But until we get to the crushing BFN, I figure we may as well enjoy this happy month. I'm POAS (OPK) and trying to eat lower glycemic index foods since that is supposed to help with PCOS. I've also learned that I have ZERO willpower when it comes to carbs, but I'm doing by best. Tommorrow I'll slowly start back at the gym which should help burn the bad carbs up. I'm also taking my very pricey prenatal vitamins every day. Is this neccessary? Probally not, but it also doesn't hurt to try. I've cut back the minimal drinking I do to even less, so that's good. And DH and I are getting back into the groove...routine...whatever. So essentially, this month we are doing absolutley everything every doctor has told us to do and we will see what happens. With my luck, this will be a 50 day cycle, but at least I will get to be optimistic and cheery for a good long time. Unless I ovulate this week we won't be able to have a BFP for Thanksgiving, but if we get preggo this month we will be able to announce (to our very immediate family) for Christmas. That would be super cool.

Fingers Crossed!!

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