Monday, November 24, 2008

'Tis the most wonderful time...

I decided that the 2ww is the best time of the month. Why? Because its the 2 weeks (or 16 days as it typically goes for me) where I can pretend that it actually might have worked. I'm still focusing on sending out positive energy so positive energy bounces back to me, but I keep hitting a negative roadblock called le hubby. He doesn't want me to go into an emotional tailspin if I get a BFN on Sunday (yes! THIS Sunday!!) so he wants me to be more cautious. Well, too late.

So this weekend I wrote on my ff chart that I was naseuous and I got 44 points on my pregnancy signs. Wow! I thought that was cool, but I also thought I was nauseous because my body didn't agree with the sausage I ate for dinner. Still, the 44 points upped the optimism meter!

And then on Sunday I did an emotional bellyflop. It was over something stupid (Saturday night I asked hubby to go to church with me and he gave me a song and dance about how he couldn't since he had so much to do before the football game at 1p. Fine. So I get back from church on Sunday a.m....and he slept until 12:55!) but it had me in tears. Not big sobbing tears, more like silently leaky eyes. It was the typical "Woah! What was that!?" emotional crisis associated most commonly with...PMS. But then I hear 2ww symptoms are very similar to PMS symptoms, so I'm holding on to that hope.

6 days until I POAS!!!

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Mrs PAJ said...

wow...there was so much of me in that post. i'm in my first 2ww but i'm impatient and had a beta hcg test done at the Dr's this morning as long as i was going there dust to both of us!