Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Google is evil

So I Googled the other two diagnoses found during my laproscopy and only found scary things. I keep telling myself that my fantastic, highly rated RE is not worried so there is no reason I should be. I also have an appointment at the end of January to follow up, and if I am not pregnant by that time then we can discuss how big a factor these things may be. Until then, I will be optimistic that everything will be fine. For those who want to google, the diagnoses are:

1. Salpingitis isthmica nodosa

Yes, I've been tested for all STDs and besides a brief case of Trichomoniasis I have never had an STD. So no, I do not now, nor ever had PID. So its a mystery to me.

2. Adenomyosis

I saw the pictures, and it was only is certain places, not throughout the whole uterus (known as adenomyoma - a localized disease.)

And of course...

Endometriosis (Level 2, located primarily on the bladder)
PCOS (Thin, which is a wierd type, and I do ovulate frequently, so its not THAT big a deal.)

Meanwhile DH is all normal and above average, and I DO ovulate and ovulate well when I do. All my blood tests were fine, and the HSG that they did during the laproscopy was clear. Apparently I have beautiful tubes and fat healthy ovaries (as I mentioned in the last post) and I will keep reminding myself of that.

One of the hardest parts is knowing that if DH was with a 'normal' woman, he would have a baby by now. Sometimes, I feel like a failure. (Please note thatDH is VERY supportive, and never once made me feel even the slightest bit bad about anything. It is all me.)

So here's too optimisim! (and death to Google.)


Okay, Salpingitis isthmica nodosa is abbreviated as SIN, which I think is too funny. (You know, as in "I'm a SIN-ner.") And I am currently reading an article called "Diverticulosis and salpingitis isthmica nodosa (SIN) of the fallopian tube. Estrogen-induced diverticulosis and SIN of the mouse oviduct." by R. R. Newbold, B. C. Bullock, and J. A. McLachlan and can be found at

So far, I feel better since SIN is realted to Adenomyosis, and infection is secondary. Still a source of infertility and ectopic pregnancy, but treatment is to clear the tubes and my tubes were not even partially blocked. And if my adenomyoma's are shallow or moderate then it shouldn't be a problem. So it makes sense that my doctor wasn't worried. (BTW, I skipped Google and went straight to my library at the University I work at to get the journal articles. Yeah, I'm a nerd.) So back to optimism. Yay!

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